spaceball ONE

The Season of FIRSTs - Spaceball One

FIRST Destination: Deep Space marked the season of firsts for us, with our team breaking almost all of our previous records!

  • First time we won an event as alliance captains - twice:)
  • First time we ranked 1st in an event
  • First time we made the FRC Top 25 - Rank 10
  • First time we made the national newspaper
  • First time we ranked 1st in the Israel District
  • First time we qualified and flew to the FIRST World Championship
  • First time our robot never disconnected from the field in all our official matches
  • First time we gained recognition in Israel
  • First time we had a functioning practice bot

FIRST Detroit Championship - Tesla Finalists

National Newspaper for Israel Championship

FIRST Israel District - Spaceballs I

Israel District Championship - Winners (Alliance Captain)

Drive Team - Ethan, Aidan, Luc, Cameron & Orian